The Book

Dondobee or The Adventures of a Leolian Elf is a delightful book with lovable characters and a great story for young and old alike. Children will enjoy reading about the adventures of three elves and an urchin boy named Coal. Parents will appreciate the message of the importance of seeing the beauty in everyone woven throughout the story.

Here’s one of the many positive reviews from one of those who read and enjoyed the book:

This is a charming, funny, fast reading adventure story for kids and adults alike. Many tongue-in-cheek moments with hints of how some legends and fairy tales were created. It is a life lesson in finding the beauty in what is considered ugly. It is also a kind of allegory of what happens when government, or a greater power provides too much for its citizens. They get lazy and dependent, and are helpless when it is taken away. Happily Prince Paul and his lovely Nelly, nee Ponella, come to realize this. Determined to be kinder, more caring people, they decide to take life on one day at a time. They work hard and live happily ever after. This is a very charming story, with some well drawn characters to entertain kids from 6 to 60. Fun for all!

Dale’s tale of Dondobee came about one day as he sat pondering the beauty in things generally thought to be void of all beauty. The nature of the human being may be to strive for perfection, to worship the beautiful, to disdain and even fear the ugly. However, there is something beautiful in every person and thing. The beauty may never be seen by all, but it is nourished and respected by those who do. Some who have done wondrous things are forgotten or pushed aside. His little Leolian Elf is the embodiment of the beautiful present within what is thought to be ugly.

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