Distinguished Artists

Mary of the Faeries

Serendipity is one of Mr. Dale’s favorite words. One Saturday, he and Juliet went in search of garlic.  Juliet had plans to make a beef stew. Little did they know that at a yard sale they would meet Mary, a most Distinguished Artist; a master jewelry maker and a consummate pebble painter; not to mention her beautiful one of a kind teeny tiny sculpted portraits of Dondobee’s fairy friends and family. Mr Dale was amazed at the detail of the intricate designs on her painted stones, bottles and bowls.  He knew immediately that she had to be one of Dondobee’s Distinguished Guest Artists. So on that serendipitously fateful Saturday they got their garlic and made a new friend. Mr Dale hopes you enjoy Mary’s creations as much as he enjoyed eating the beef stew.

October 11, 2020

Set your soul to flight!

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Musician Galina

Galina recalls that she met Mr. Dale at a small theater party in Las Vegas; both were friends of the director who had cast them in various plays. She remembers Mr.Dale saying to her:  “Hello dear! I am one of your biggest fans, and you don’t even know that!  Xo!” She says: “The conversation we started all those years ago is still going on. That I will always remember.” Little did Mr. Dale know at the time that Galina the actress was an accomplished singer, song writer and musician.  Now she is one of his Distinguished Artist guests.

September, 2020

Galina explains the intriguing name of their band:  FOOD GRADE POISON
“As I was eating some really tasty treats I slowly realized that they can be really bad for me. But I still wanted to experience their taste, their smell, to keep them in my life. So somehow I made a connection with our songs. So sad and slow and dark, this music can bring me down, but I have it and I can’t stop exploring and playing it, because I love the taste and the feel of it. To me it is like eating dangerous but tasty food.”

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Listen here to the song silent.