Dale’s most beloved late wife, Rhoda who is the inspiration for Rodo. She was a fine actress. In that memorable picture, she was in a costume for On Borrowed Time.

Trey’s Review

Here’s a recent interesting review from a 12 year old boy, Trey Henry: I really enjoyed this book! It was funny and had a happy ending. I would recommend this book to people of all ages. The funniest part was when the guy with a lisp was introduced!

Silver Buckle on His Knees

In that picture, Mr. Dale played as a COALman, lending a helping hand during a delivery. This was from a production he was in with Mariette Hartley, the famous American Emmy Award winning actress.

Mariette Hartley performed SILVER BUCKLES ON HIS KNEES at UNLV’s Judy Bayley Theatre at that time. This is the article about the play which was written and directed by veteran great actor/director Don Taylor